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Sworn translations - diplomas, degrees and educational documents

Certified translations - diplomas, degrees and educational documents

Sworn translations – emigration files

Notary public certification of translations

The notary public certification of a translation is the certification of the signature and seal of the sworn translator by a NOTARY PUBLIC.

This service, supplied by the NOTARY PUBLIC, is used only to certify that the translation’s signatory is a sworn translator and that the signature affixed on the translated document belongs to the sworn translator in question.

The notary public certification is made only based on the original documents, bearing the seal and signature of the issuing authorities.

The cost of the notary public certification of a translation - the FEES of the notary public - is not included in the translation tariffs; it is paid separately by the customer (RON xxx/ notarized certified copy).


Language Price/ page * (RON) Emergency fee
Romanian – English 18 +50%
English – Romanian 18 +50%
Romanian – French 18 +50%
French– Romanian 18 +50%
English – French
French – English
27 +50%
Diplomas, certificates, certifications 14 +50%
Specialized translations (technical, medical) 27 +50%
Proofreading 50% price/translated page

Tariff for Notary public certification: 38 RON / copy

* (!) A STANDARD PAGE counts 2.000 characters with spaces calculated for the FINAL TEXT (translated text), Word format (Tools – Word count – Characters with spaces).

For certificates, certifications, diplomas – the physical page represents a translation page.

The translated document/s can be sent by e-mail, mail or directly to the customer's registered office (hard copy, CD, floppy disk, etc.), depending on the customer's request. Delivery is FREE OF CHARGE for the 3rd district, Bucharest. For other delivery areas, a DELIVERY FEE shall be charge (RON 15).

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